Vintage "Les Danses Des Indiens" Hermès Silk Scarf by Kermit Oliver, 1999

Presented is a vintage "Les Danses Des Indiens" Hermes scarf. "Les Danses Des Indiens," or The Indian Dances, features the ritual dances of various Indian tribes. The scarf was designed by American artist Kermit Oliver in 1999.

This elaborate silk scarf shows the dances of Native American peoples, as well as the various purposes of the dance such as hunting preparations, asking for better weather, or wedding celebrations. The scarf features many figures, all in different action poses, wearing traditional clothing. The Native American figures perform a myriad of different ritual dances, accentuated with props and festive clothing. The scarf combines both realistic imagery of humans, as well as figurative tribal designs similar to those that were produced by American Indians.

Kermit Oliver (born 1943) is an American painter who studied and worked in Texas, USA. Oliver primarily worked in painting, but is also celebrated for his work as a designer for Hermes. The relationship began in 1980, when owner Lawrence Marcus of Neiman Marcus introduced Oliver to the Hermes company. Oliver produced 17 custom designs for Hermes over 32 years, and is the only American artist to ever design for Hermes.

Oliver is famed for his realism and accurate portrayal of human and animal figures. This elaborate scarf features a large number of figures, placed in a circular composition with a painterly sun at center. The colorway is natural, with dark browns, grays, and cool blue and green tones. Oliver combines both painterly and realistic techniques to portray the traditional art of the people he represents. Oliver, as an American citizen and Texan, was seen by Hermes as the perfect artist to portray the traditional dances and culture of the American Indian people. His connection to American history and culture was valued greatly by Hermes. Thus, he was rewarded with consistent commissions for new and innovative scarves.


Overall very good condition considering age. Little to no prior use, very well maintained. 100% silk with a natural colorway. Hermes-Paris copyright mark is displayed at bottom right. Hand-rolled edges in tact. Framed according to conservation standards in a custom black and gold frame.

Framed dimensions: 42" H x 42" W x 3" D.

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