Vintage Game-Used Cricket Bat, Early 20th Century

Offered are a selection of vintage game-used cricket bats, from the early 20th century. Most of the bats are made out of English willow and several have stamped logos and trademarks. The bats are game scarred, which adds to their luster and their appeal. These are a classic piece of English heritage. 

The evolution of the cricket bat shape and weight has evolved with the game’s rules and playing style. In the 17th century, the cricket bats looked like modern day hockey sticks, as the ball was bowled underarm and had to be rolled along the ground without giving it any air. The shape of the bat stayed the same until late in the 18th century when a change in the bowling rule allowed the bowlers to loop the ball in the air while still bowling underarm, resulting in the modern rectangular shape of the bat. 

Overarm bowling was popular in the early 19th century and the bats slowly started to attain the shape and weight distribution of the modern day willows. The bats in the early 19th century were dark and heavy, as heavy as five pounds. These bats were made from the heartwood of the English willow tree which is dense and dark. The heavier bats did not allow the batsmen to play the outrageous shots current batsmen pull off with lighter willows. By the end of the 19th century, the manufacturers started to use sapwood of English Willow tree for lighter bats. Lighter bats helped batsmen to be innovative in the shot making.


Very good condition, considering past game use. Some wear and game scarring, including small knicks and dents. Made of English Willow. Several bats have wrapped handles. 

Price is per bat; no two bats are alike.

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