Vintage Del Young Baseball Glove, circa 1940s

This is a vintage Del Young baseball glove from the 1940s. It features a single tunnel and is a left-handed glove. The glove design is based off of Philadelphia Phillies player Delmer "Del" Edward Young's glove and is displayed on a custom metal stand.

Before gloves were invented, baseball players played the sport with no padding or protection at all. It was not until the late 1800s that gloves were introduced and not until the 1920s when the mitts would have as much padded as was needed. By the 1920-1940s, the baseball mitt featured a split-finger design that created a pocket in the center for the ball to land in.

The design of this glove is quite simplistic, with the one tunnel that connects the thumb and index finger. The back of the glove reveals four grommets on the thumb, alluding the the fact that there was at one time another tunnel connecting the fingers. The Del Young mark is visible on the bottom right side of the palm.


Overall good used condition. Slight tear along the seam of the thumb. Presented on a custom metal stand for display purposes.

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