USMC Officer's Visor Cap, "J.J. Foss U.S.M.C." Embossed on the Sweatband, Circa 1950s

Presented is an original USMC officer's visor cap dating to the 1950s. The cap has the name of the previous owner, J. J. Foss U.S.M.C., embossed on the sweatband. The hat has a prominent United States Marine Corps pinned emblem on the front. The Marine Corps emblem features an eagle, globe, and anchor. Drawing on the tradition of serving on land and sea (“Per Mare, Per Terram”), the emblem is rich in symbolism. The eagle and the globe represent the global reach and projection of the power represented by the Marine Corps.  The fouled anchor displays the naval tradition and legacy of the Marine Corps.

The cap includes the decorative quatrefoil on the top- an interwoven braid in the shape of a cross of figure eights. The quatrefoil was introduced as a part of the uniform in 1859 and was a fashionable military style of the era. Traditionally, it is believed that the quatrefoil was worn on the caps of Marines fighting on the decks of ships so that they could be easily recognized by sharpshooters located above in the ship's rigging.


Very good condition, showing minor wear. USMC Officer's Visor Cap with quatrefoil on the crown, made by H.L. Davidson, Sterling H-H cap badge. The name "J.J. Foss U.S.M.C." has been embossed on the sweatband.

Dimensions: 5"H x 10 1/2"W x 11 1/2"D

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