U.S. Marine Corps Leather Journal

The Marine Corps was founded on November 10, 1775, when the Continental Congress ordered that two battalions of Marines be raised for service as landing forces for the recently formed Continental Navy. Serving on land and sea, the Marines have participated in all wars of the United States, being in most instances among the first to fight.

To celebrate the honor, courage, commitment and fighting spirit that drive every Marine, we at The Great Republic worked closely with American leather workers at Tactile Craftworks to create an extraordinary journal that honors this branch. 

Each journal features a historical rendering of the Marine Corps Emblem, depicting a spreadwing eagle, a globe with a view of the Western hemisphere, and a fouled anchor. This rendering is the 1936 version of the Marine Corps Emblem design. Drawing on the tradition of serving on land and sea (“Per Mare, Per Terram”), the emblem is rich in symbolism.  The eagle and the globe represent the global reach and projection of the power represented by the Marine Corps.  The fouled anchor displays the naval tradition and legacy of the Marine Corps. The side-looking eagle at top grasps the middle of a “SEMPER FIDELIS” banner. Latin for “always faithful,” Semper Fidelis has been the Marine Corps motto since 1883. It embodies the promise to always remain faithful, no matter what.

At the bottom right corner is the date of the founding of the Marine Corps, November 10, 1775. Beneath it is the text "Tun Tavern, Philadelphia." Tun Tavern is the site where the Marine Corps held its first recruitment meeting during the American Revolution.

The back of the commemorative journal has the Great Republic stamp to certify the quality of this stunning collectible.

These custom-made journals have been handcrafted in Milwaukee, Wisconsin of high quality American leather from Seidel Tannery and close securely with a solid brass Sam Brown closure.  Each journal is refillable and includes a lined Moleskine notebook which can be replaced again and again.

Journal dimensions: 9" H x 6" W. 

This journal has been made exclusively for The Great Republic.

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