U.S. Congressional Library Plate, Staffordshire

Presented is a detailed rendering of the U.S. Library of Congress in historic blue transfer print. A decorative ivy border encircles a view of the building from the east. Underneath the scene are the words, “U.S. Congressional Library.” This early 20th century plate is a great example of flow transfer print pottery. The imperfections making it seem like the blue coloring bled into the white background was initially an accident made in Staffordshire, England. The pottery was considered a mistake and shipped out to the U.S. to be sold for cheap. Surprisingly, what would later be called “flow blue” was a huge success in America. Afterwards, flow blue pottery such as this was made on purpose and often specifically for Americans.


Overall very good condition. The plate has a few inherent imperfections from original production. Hairline cracks throughout, but they do not impact the structural integrity of the plate.

Dimensions: 9.125” Diameter, 1” Depth

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