Thomas Jefferson Tulip Poplar Pen

This is the Thomas Jefferson Tulip Poplar pen, produced by Eagle Pen Co. This stunning and unique pen is made from a piece of wood hewn from a tulip poplar tree planted by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello in 1807. The pen functions as a ballpoint. 

Every visitor at Monticello was awestruck by the size of two enormous sister Tulip Poplar trees that flanked Monticello. Due to their incredible size, they were always assumed 'original' to Monticello's construction, especially considering Jefferson's love of planting trees. It was not until 2011 that the tree was felled and could consequently be dated and cross referenced against Jefferson's tree chronology and personal diaries. Researchers and archivists found a journal entry from Jefferson matching the tree's location and date: "planted 1. Laurodendron in margin of S.W. shrub circle from the nursery.” April 16, 1807. The wood seen here is hewn from that very tree hand-planted by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello in 1807. Eagle Pen Co. feature this authentic piece of wood in the body of the pen.

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