Theodore Roosevelt Signed Collage

This collage features two photos of Theodore Roosevelt and an off-white 3.75” x 2.5” card with his signature. The top reproduction photograph was originally taken in 1898 and shows Roosevelt in his Rough Riders uniform just before he set out for Cuba to fight in the Spanish-American War. The bottom photo was originally taken the same year after the Battle of San Juan Hill and depicts Roosevelt and his volunteer cavalry men at the top of the captured hill. The collage is presented in an archival frame and mat.

Still one of the most popular U.S. presidents today, Theodore Roosevelt had an eventful life. He grew up with a very active lifestyle in the West despite being diagnosed with a “weak heart” as a young boy. Holding various political positions throughout his career, Teddy famously paused his personal career goals during the Spanish-American War to raise his own volunteer cavalry, the “Rough Riders.” Holding the position of Lieutenant Colonel, Teddy led his men into Cuba and charged valiantly up San Juan Hill in 1898, a decisive battle effectively ending the Spanish-American War. Pictured in the collage, is Roosevelt before and after the battle that earned him lasting fame in the United States. When the war was won, he continued in politics and eventually made it onto a ticket with William McKinley as Vice President.

Roosevelt took over the presidency after McKinley was assassinated making Teddy not just the 26th president, but also the youngest. During his time in office, Roosevelt is most known for his National Monuments Act protecting wildlife sanctuaries, the Grand Canyon, and establishing federal forests. He is also responsible for the construction of the Panama Canal, his corollary to the Monroe Doctrine proclaiming the U.S.’s right to intervene in cases of wrongdoing around the world, his commitment to expanding the Navy, and his strong oratory skills often quoting the proverb, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Less commonly known, Roosevelt won a Nobel Peace Prize for his mediation between Japan and Russia in 1906. A man of many interests, he published over 25 books on history, biology, geography, and philosophy. Roosevelt had many progressive policies and was the first president to invite an African American guest, Booker T. Washington, to the White House. He committed himself to the “Square Deal” fighting against trusts to regulate industry. The quirky president kept some interesting pets at the White House during his term including snakes, flying squirrels, chickens, bears, a lion, and a “friendly and affectionate” rat.

Roosevelt ran again for the presidency in 1912 backed by a party he created called the “Bull Moose Party” or the Progressive Party. Despite being shot in the chest while on campaign, Roosevelt not only survived and proceeded to campaign but continued his 90 minute speech before seeking medical attention. Eventually, he did lose to Woodrow Wilson but continued to have a voice in politics until his death in 1919. Having said this after being shot in 1912, we can assume Theodore Roosevelt would have still believed it in his last moments: “No man has had a happier life than I have led; a happier life in every way.”


Overall fine condition. The signature card is off-white with Roosevelt’s clear, dark signature. Light overall discoloration from age. The two photographs are in fine condition with no notable damage. The collage is archivally framed with UV protective glass.

Framed dimensions: 46.25” H x 26.75” W x 1.75” D.

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