The Sabbath Breakers Signed by the Artist J. C. Dollman

This photogravure of The Sabbath Breakers, also known as During the Time of Sermonses was painted by renowned English artist John Charles (J.C.) Dollman (1851-1934). This print is extremely rare, being one of only 150 pieces that were signed by the artist -- considered by many to be Dollman’s greatest work.

Engraved by Bishop Pratt on June 24th 1896, the print depicts the breaking of the acts of parliament with regard to the Sabbath. In 1592, the town council of Edinburgh, Scotland decreed that none of its inhabitants “be seen at any pastimes or games within or without the town upon the Sabbath-day, sic as gowff, aircherie, etc.” Many instances were recorded of offenders of this decree being severely punished throughout Scotland. John Henrie and Pat Rogie, early martyrs, were prosecuted for “playing of the gowff on the links every Sabbath during the time of the sermons.”

Print Size: 24.25" x 15.25"

Framed Size 33” x 24”

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