The New Century Shakespeare, 24 Volumes, Deluxe Edition Set, 1901

Shakespeare, William. The New Century Shakespeare. Boston: Dana Estates and Company, 1901. Numbered Deluxe Edition. 24 volumes. 

This deluxe edition is numbered 77 of only 1,000 copies. The full title reads, The Cambridge Text from the Latest Edition of William Aldis Wright; with Introductions, Notes and Glossaries to each Play by Israel Gollancz, Editor of the Temple Shakespeare. These twenty-four 8vo volumes all have matching three-quarter red leather bindings with marbled boards and gilt-tooled spines. 

This set includes Shakespeare’s greatest works. From “The Tempest” to “Macbeth,” the most beloved stories from the world’s most famous playwright are offered together in beautiful matching bindings. This deluxe edition also presents a general introduction to the life of the poet, a history of the drama, a glossary, and general criticisms. 

William Shakespeare (c.1564-1616) was an English playwright, poet, and actor in The King’s Men theatrical company. Despite having one of the most recognizable names in history, not much is known about Shakespeare’s personal life. Little can be confirmed about his family, education, and young adult life however there is much speculation. Many scholars believe Shakespeare was the son of a public official, educated at King’s New School in Stratford, married Anne Hathaway, and earned his living as an actor and playwright. Some believe that, due to his questionable education, Shakespeare may not have actually authored these works but it is impossible to prove either way. However, Shakespeare became the most prominent playwright of the time, using iambic pentameter, inventing words, and is considered by many to be the world’s greatest dramatist. Overall, the impact of his writing remains widespread after nearly 500 years.


Overall very good. This 24-volume set of matching works by William Shakespeare was published in 1901 as a deluxe edition numbered 77/100. Each volume has quarter red leather binding with beautiful marbled boards and a gilt decorated spine. Internally, the volumes have some minor toning, as expected with age, and the top edge of volume I is slightly damaged but has been repaired. Otherwise, this stunning 24-volume set has no notable damage.

Dimensions: ~ 9"H x 6" W x 2" D (each)

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