The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, Three-Volume Set in Period Leather Bindings, Circa 1831

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This is a three-volume set of Napoleon Bonaparte's memoirs written by his private secretary, Louis Antoine Fauvelede de Bourrienne.  This is the second edition of the seminal work of Napoleon's life. 

Published in 1831 in London, England by Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, the book describes in colorful and captivating detail the important events of Bonaparte’s life. Recounts of the Hundred Days, of Napoleon's surrender to the English, and of his residence and death at St. Helena, with anecdotes and illustrative extracts, paint a vivid picture of the fearless French leader and military strategist.

An early childhood friend of Napoleon, Louis Antoine Fauvelede de Bourrienne served the Revolutionary government as a diplomat in Germany in the early 1790s. He was called to Italy by Napoleon in the negotiations with Austria (May–October 1797) and helped with the drafting of the Treaty of Campo Formio. In 1804, Bourrienne was sent to Hamburg in order to conduct French commercial war measures against Britain. He amassed a considerable fortune in his questionable trade dealings in that post and was recalled in disgrace. During Napoleon’s return from exile in March 1815, Bourrienne supported the Bourbon cause and the restoration of Louis XVIII Subsequently, he served as councillor and minister of state and in the Chamber of Deputies. He wrote a prose drama, “L’Inconnu” in 1792, and in 1829–31 he wrote his more famous “Mémoires".

The set is presented in period illustrated three-quarter red morocco fine bindings with marbled boards, gilt spines, and top edges.

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