The Journal of Major George Washington by Robert Dinwiddie, Large Paper Copy, 1865

The Journal of Major George Washington sent by the Honorable Robert Dinwiddie. New York: Joseph Sabin, 1865. Limited edition. Includes folding map and housed in custom archival slipcase.

This 1865 reprint of The Journal of Major George Washington Sent by Robert Dinwiddie to the Commandant of the French Forces in Ohio is a limited edition on large paper. This book is hand-numbered 16 of a total 50 next to Joseph Sabin’s initials. The book has been rebound in quarter red leather and cloth binding and is housed in a custom archival slipcase. 

From October 31, 1753 to January 16, 1754, the young George Washington underwent a mission to the Ohio territory in order to deliver a letter to the French Commandant. At that time, the “Ohio Country” or territory was disputed between the British and the French as both aimed to expand into it. Full of rich resources and river access, Ohio was highly desired and would be a major factor in the onset of the French and Indian War. Not only was the control of Ohio important for further expansion, but also as protection for existing British colonies. The disputed territory expanded all the way to the borders of what was then Virginia. In 1753, before any conflict erupted, the Governor of Virginia Robert Dinwiddie, was convinced armed conflict was inevitable and sought to convince the British and the colonists of the French threat. 

He sent the twenty-one year old Washington on a two and a half month journey across the Allegheny Mountains to deliver a letter to the French Commandant in Ohio ordering him to remove his troops from the area. Washington completed the 900-mile mission and returned to Dinwiddie with not only the Commandant’s letter of refusal, but also his full report of the mission, presented here. Dinwiddie published the report immediately to prove to the colonists and the British leaders that the French armies were aiming to take the desired Ohio territory. 

Washington’s journal provides a valuable firsthand insight into the diplomatic policies, early indications of the French and Indian War (also called the Seven Years’ War), and gives the reader a wonderful example of Washington’s nascent military career. In the published journal, Washington describes the groups he came into contact with, his own fortification recommendations, and a map he surveyed while on the mission. Thanks to the publication of this report, Washington made a name for himself to both the colonists and the prominent British circles. 


Overall very good condition. This limited large print edition is hand-numbered 16 of 50 next to the publisher’s initials. The book has some mild toning, as expected with age, and the foldout map has some wear along the top edge and creases. Otherwise, the book has no notable damage. It has been rebound with red quarter leather and cloth binding with a gilt-tooled spine. A matching archival slipcase with an inlaid depiction of young Washington protects the book.

Dimensions: 9 1/2" H x 6" W x 1" D

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