"The Ghetto Uprising in Warsaw" Vintage Poster, 1943

This impassioned poster commemorates the Ghetto Uprising in 1943. The poster features five figures amidst rubble and smoke representing the Jewish people of Warsaw. The central figure is a woman holding up a large piece of rubble in defiance. Behind her is a young man and an old man pointing pistols, a mourning woman, and an elderly religious man (possibly a Rabbi). The bottom of the print reads, “The Ghetto Uprising in Warsaw 1943” in English and in Hebrew. At the top right corner of the print, is the name of the artist, Christo Stefanoff, printed with the poster.

Posters and propaganda such as this would have been used to rally support against the German occupying forces and in favor of the oppressed Jewish people. Paintings, posters, and information about the Ghetto Uprising in Warsaw inspired many other uprisings throughout German-occupied areas.

Between July 22nd and September 2nd 1942, German authorities deported or murdered an estimated 300,000 Jewish residents of Warsaw, Poland. The occupying Axis forces created a ghetto in Warsaw forcing about 400,000 Jews into a single square mile area surrounded by brick walls and barbed wire. The German troops determined how much food was allowed into the city and executed any person found attempting to leave. After an ambush by armed Jewish men in April 1943, the German forces returned in April with tanks intending to liquidate the Jewish ghetto. For nearly a month, the underground Jewish Combat Organization (also called ZOB) fought against the Germans with pistols, a few automatic weapons, and homemade grenades. However, the heavily armed Axis forces eventually re-captured the city by systematically destroying the area and forcing residents out of hiding. An estimated 7,000 Jews were killed during the fight and up to 50,000 more were sent to extermination or labor camps. Despite the eventual failure of the rebellion, the uprising inspired many others in Eastern Europe to fight against occupying forces.


Overall very good condition. This poster was lithographed in Canada and retains its bright colors. There is one minor crease at the center right edge, but otherwise, the poster has no notable damage. The work is beautifully housed in an archival frame with UV protective glass.

Framed dimensions: 31.5” H x 24” W x .75” D

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