The Book of Building Fires

The Book of Building Fires: How to Master the Art of the Perfect Fire, written by S. Couthlard, is the perfect fireside companion. Whether you're building a fire in a fireplace, a wood stove, or a campsite in the great outdoors, this book has it all. Straightforward instructions and helpful how-to illustrations will help you provide a roaring fire with confidence, skill, and efficiency- a fire that people will gather around in admiration. The book covers sourcing the proper wood, chopping and storing, crafting homemade fire-starters, building and lighting the perfect stack, and cooking over an open flame. A handy chart details more than 25 species of trees and their wood-burning properties. 

A must have for anyone who enjoys the simple satisfaction of gathering around a warm, crackling fire, this book is an invitation to celebrate the gifts of slow living and one of life's most enduring pleasures. 

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