The £1,000,000 Bank-Note and Other New Stories by Mark Twain, First Edition, Circa 1893

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This Mark Twain story takes place in Victorian London, where two very rich, eccentric brothers give the penniless story protagonist, Henry Adams, one million pounds of money in the form of a single peerless bank note. Henry would not be easily able to exchange that note in the bank without being questioned about how he had come to it, charged with theft and arrested. He would also not be able to spend it since no ordinary person would be able to change it.  Without knowing it, Henry is the subject of a bet: Oliver believes that the mere possession of this symbol of wealth will enable anyone to have anything he wants, without actually cashing the note. Roderick, on the other hand, feels that the prohibition against exchanging the note for cash will render it totally useless.  A great Twain yarn...
This is the first edition, published in 1893 and illustrated by Dan Beard with tissue-guard.  Bound in three-quarter "autumn leaf" binding of crushed and laminated morocco with green, red, and yellow dyes in the grain and a gilt and green patterned cloth, spine decorated and lettered in gilt, matching endleaves, top edge gilt, original front and spine cloth bound into the volume.
Published in 1893

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