“Summer Evening on the Musselburgh Golf Links” by Charles Lees

Summer Evening on the Musselburgh Golf Links by Charles Lees was first painted in 1859 --- the second of only two golf themed paintings to ever be painted by the famous Scottish artist -- the other being The Golfers: A Grand Match Played Over St. Andrews Links.

According to the November 1914 Golf Illustrated (New York), Summer Evening on Musselburgh Golf Links remained long undiscovered because an early buyer, interested not in the subject but in the artist’s work, purchased it from the Royal Scottish Academy and moved it to his residence in Canada. Its accessibility was suspended until the private buyer’s son, an avid golfer, came into possession of it.

The heir, Mr. Walter Brown, was soon urged to permit a reproduction, for which purpose it was shipped by the American branch of Arthur Ackermann & Son to Munich, Germany in 1913 -- where a photogravure plate was made.

The painting was returned barely in time to avoid the outbreak of WW I – and has since been lost again. The original plate, from which only a few prints were struck, is believed to have been destroyed during the war. It’s also believed that there are only a handful of surviving examples of this print in the world -- meaning that only a few were ever printed prior to the plate’s demise.

This particular print has been hand-colored -- making it even rarer yet. This is a serious piece of extremely rare golf art. Finally this 1914, 1st edition print has been beautifully framed in 100% archival materials.

Framed Size: 26" x 36"

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