Stride Toward Freedom by Martin Luther King, Jr., First Edition, Later Printing

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Stride Toward Freedom: The Montgomery Story presents a full account of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus strike. This first edition, later printing, was published out of New York by Harper & Brothers. Features stunning black and white photographs.

Stride Toward Freedom describes the events that resulted in the first application of nonviolent resistance to segregation on a grand scale in the United States. It details the Montgomery bus boycott, which was organized by King as well as the deep-rooted dedication of his contemporaries, such as Parks. King reveals personal experiences with violence and threats throughout his life, while simultaneously highlighting his own nonviolent worldview. King described the book as "the chronicle of fifty thousand Negroes who took to heart the principles of nonviolence, who learned to fight for their rights with the weapon of love, and who, in the process, acquired a new estimate of their own human worth.''


The copy is in very good condition for its age. It features blue boards and an embossed signature from Martin Luther King Jr. on the front. Pages are clean and free of stains or foxing with a deckled edge. 

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