Space Shuttle Columbia Fountain Pen

Eagle Pen Company designed this Space Shuttle Columbia pen to honor the fallen crew of the 2003 Columbia shuttle.  Eagle Pen Company sourced thermal foil from the Columbia shuttle and real meteorite and worked with miniature artist Lynn Peterson to create a limited edition, one-of-one pen. 

Spanning 22 years of service and 27 successful missions, Space Shuttle Columbia (OV-102) became a routinely-orbiting vehicle for NASA from 1981-2002. Space Shuttle Columbia was the world's first ever reusable spacecraft, launching into orbit atop a rocket, then safely gliding back to land on Earth. Columbia was responsible for building the International Space Station, launching and servicing the Hubble Telescope, deploying several satellites, and carrying out thousands of hours of experiments.Tragically, on January 16, 2003 during reentry, damage to the thermal protection caused the left wing to crumble, leading to total disintegration of the Shuttle and death of the seven astronauts on board.

The thermal blanket foil embedded in the painting on this  pen was acquired from an actual NASA engineer who removed foil from the Columbia shuttle on September 15, 1997 after a successful mission.  This kind of thermal insulation material kept astronauts safe from the intense heat of atmospheric re-entry.  Pieces of this foil were cut into fine shapes and used by the artist Lynn Peterson to incorporate into her painting, as glimmering highlights and in the rocket booster. 

Embedded meteorite from the Campo del Cielo iron meteorite cluster in Argentina was incorporated into the night sky of the pen cap. 24 karat gold paint is also present in the sunlight reflection of the cap, as well as the rocket exhaust on the body.  The entire pen is sealed with a glassy lacquer, protecting the artwork, Columbia thermal foil, and meteorite. for generations.

Lynn Peterson, a world-renowned and accomplished miniature artist, creates special gouache and oil pen lines for Eagle Pen Company. Each pen is truly unique and requires, on average, 8 to 12 hours to complete. Lynn’s abilities to paint in such detail and to paint directly on the round surface of the pen body are unmatched.

Pen Specifications: 

This pen comes as a fountain pen with a complimentary rollerball writing kit. Ink for both fountain pen and rollerball are included. Pen is constructed of solid, surgical-grade stainless steel. Columbia thermal foil, meteorite, and 24k gold paint are incorporated into the hand-painted pen body and cap.  Pen is sealed in clear lacquer.

  • Weight - 44 grams 
  • Length closed - 5" 
  • Length with cap posted - 6" 
  • Nib - Steel, medium Bock
  • Cartridge converter included
  • Edition Size- 1/1

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