"Southwestern Dude Ranches" Santa Fe Railroad Travel Poster, Circa 1949

This is a vintage travel poster for the Santa Fe Southern Railway, printed in the 1949. This 20th century poster is typical of advertising at the time; it is colorfully vibrant, with simple yet strong graphics. The poster depicts a cowboy from a Dude Ranch talking with a woman traveler. The cowboy has a large hat, a smoking cigarette casually pressed between his lips, and a bright red bandana. Above them, the text “Southwestern Dude Ranches" is displayed in red rounded letters on a bright yellow field. The poster was drawn by Hernando Gonzalo Villa (1881-1952).

The Santa Fe Railway was founded in 1859. The company helped settle the mid-west in the later part of the 19th century by selling real estate and farm land sanctioned by Congress. The Santa-Fe Railway became the second transcontinental railway to exist. It also expanded rail travel further than any other line, with north-to-south routes in California. Santa Fe had a robust freight business and extended its transportation reach with a busing system. 

The Santa Fe Railway produced many destination-driven posters to hang at airports, rail stations, billboards in large cities, and travel agencies.


Poster is in very good condition. Printed color lithograph, with color original and very vibrant. Paper is healthy, no tears or signs of foxing. Poster has very minimal wrinkles, as expected with age and past display. 

Poster has been artfully and archivally presented in a custom-built black and brushed silver wooden frame.

Dimensions: 27" H x 21" W x 1.5" D

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