Smoke Jumper, Moon Pilot by Willie G. Moseley, First Edition, 2011

Moseley, Willie G. Smoke Jumper, Moon Pilot: The Remarkable Life of Apollo 14 Astronaut Stuart Roosa. Morley: Acclaim Press, 2011. First Edition, First Printing. Octavo. Original Dust Jacket, Original Hardcover Boards. 

Presented is the first edition, first printing of Smoke Jumper, Moon Pilot: The Remarkable Life of Apollo 14 Stuart Roosa. The book was written by Willie G. Moseley and includes a foreword by Apollo 16 Moonwalker Charlie Duke. This first edition was published in Morley, Missouri by Acclaim Press in 2011. The book is presented in its original hardcover boards and glossy pictorial dust jacket. 

Willie G. Moseley's Smoke Jumper, Moon Pilot, is a fascinating biography of Apollo 14 astronaut Stuart A. Roosa, providing a comprehensive look into the life of an exemplary American hero and patriot. Stuart Roosa (1933- 1994) was born in Durango, Colorado and grew up in Oklahoma. During the 1950s he worked several seasons as a Forest Service smokejumper before joining the United States Air Force. After graduating from pilot school, Roosa worked as an experimental aircraft pilot in the early 1960s until the Air Force selected him as one of 19 men in the 1966 astronaut class. He served as a support crew member for the Apollo 9 mission. 

Roosa was chosen as the command module pilot for Apollo 14. Apollo 14 was the third space mission where humans walked on the lunar surface. After lifting off from Earth on January 31, 1971, Commander Alan Shepard and pilot Edgar Mitchell, landed on the moon while Roosa continued in lunar orbit. Roosa orbited the moon solo for nearly 36 hours while Shepard and Mitchell explored the moon’s surface, conducting an extensive series of experiments.

After Apollo 14, Roosa served as backup command pilot for Apollo 16 and 17. The Air Force later assigned Roosa to the Space Shuttle program until his retirement in 1976. After leaving NASA and the Air Force, Roosa held a number of positions in international and U.S. businesses, and became owner and president of Gulf Coast Coors in 1981. Roosa is one of only six astronauts to pilot a spaceship solo around the moon.


Very good condition. Octavo. Original pictorial glossy dust jacket. The dust jacket has light wear and a bumping along the spine. Original hardcover boards, in good condition. The text block is clean and the pages are healthy. 

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