Silver Chain Bracelet

Presented is a silver chain link bracelet by celebrated jewelry designers, Rusty Thought. With its edgy design and subtle texture, this Rusty Thought bracelet is a handsome update to the traditional sterling silver chain bracelet. The hand-fabricated links of sterling silver vary slightly in size and shape and connect to one another to create an eye-catching composition of positive and negative space. Wear this alone, or mix it in with your everyday favorites for a personalized, eclectic look. 

Rusty Thought was created in 2002 by Ryo Katori. Initially meant for men, the collection expanded in 2007 with the addition of a line dedicated to women. Ryo and his partner have been working on these collections using traditional Japanese techniques, like "Ohaguro-Yaki" which is used in Japan to protect swords from rust.

Rusty Thought's creations derive from the "Wabi sabi," a philosophy based on the acceptance of imperfection and impermanence. The essential beauty lays hidden inside the object, revealing itself only to those who learn to appreciate it over time. The more you wear Rusty Thought's jewelry, the more beautiful the texture will get. As such, Rusty Thought’s jewels find their true beauty when worn and passed along from one generation to the next.

  • Oxidized sterling silver
  • Width varies between 1/4" and 1/2" 
  • Sterling silver hook and eye clasp
  • 8" Long

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