"Schoenhut" Painted Wood Toy Civil War Cannon, Circa 1900

This toy cannon, circa 1900, features a red pinstripe on a blue painted carriage with a gold painted barrel. The toy is a product of the Schoenhut Company, a toy manufacturer made popular for the unique wooden toys they produced. The company's founder, Albert Schoenhut, came from a toy-making family in Wurtenberg, Germany. He moved to the United States in 1866 to repair toy pianos in Philadelphia, which inspired him to start his own toy-piano company in 1872. From there, his company expanded to incorporate other types of toys, including doll houses and toy furniture made primarily from hand-carved wood. This cannon is reminiscent of cannons used during the American Civil War. Good condition for age, 23" long overall, 12" long barrel. 

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