Salmon and Trout, by Dean Sage and Others, First Edition, 1902

Sage, Dean, Salmon and Trout. New York: Macmillan Co., 1902. First edition. Octavo, rebound in green cloth and quarter leather binding. Housed in a matching slipcase with pasted original cover board.

This is the first edition copy of Salmon and Trout, written by Dean Sage and Townsend, Smith, and Harris. It was first published in 1902 by the Macmillan Company in New York. It was illustrated by A.B. Frost, Tappan Adney, Martin Justice and more. Salmon and Trout was first published as a contribution to the American Sportsman’s Library and was edited by Caspar Whitney.

Salmon and Trout is  a classic example of American angling sport literature. The book was created as a fisherman’s guide to both the history of and techniques for American river fishing. It is complete with black and white illustrations relating to the types of fish described in the chapters.  The book was completed by Sage and others as a compilation of personal experiences and observations. Sage’s writing was influential during the late 19th century through the early 20th century as his work combined years of river fishing experience with a classic book design. Salmon and Trout was Sage’s last written work and was published in 1902, only pre-dating his death by a few weeks.


This first edition printed copy is in very good condition with healthy paper and limited foxing throughout. It has been rebound in a beautiful forest green cloth and quarter Moroccan leather binding. The spine features raised bands and gilt tooling with embossed fish motifs. There are deckle edges with a single gilt top edge with marble endpapers. It is accompanied by a matching cloth slipcase which features the original cover board pasted to the front. The original board displays a gilt illustration and gilt embossed title information.

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