19th Century Sterling Silver Rowing Trophy

This is a beautiful 19th century sterling silver rowing trophy. The goblet rests on a stand of four crossed oars, held together within a victory wreath. It is beautifully engraved. The inscription reads “Cobden Rowing Club. Grand 4 Oared Race. Rowed June 23rd. 1883. 1st prize. Won by W. Weathersbee.” 

The sport of rowing has been in existence as long as humans have traveled the water by boat. The first reference to rowing as a sport, and not simply as a means of transportation, comes from a fifteenth century BC Egyptian funerary carving. The writer Virgil mentioned rowing as part of the funeral games for Aeneas. During the Middle Ages, Italian Carnevale often featured regatta races that pitted the nation’s best rowers against one another. 

The first modern rowing competitions can be traced to renaissance England, where guilds sponsored boats to compete in the “Lord Mayor’s Water Procession” beginning in 1454. The “Doggett’s Coat and Badge” race is the oldest continuously held boat race in the world, the race between London Bridge and Chelsea Harbor has been held annually since 1715.

This trophy was presented to the 1883 winner of the Grand Four Oared Race, held by the Codben Rowing Club. The Cobden Rowing Club was based in Southhampton, England. 

Condition: This trophy is in excellent condition. 

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