Riding Hunt Flask Leather & Glass - Dark Brown

This is a beautifully crafted vintage leather and glass traditional riding hunt flask. The conical glass flask with silver top in housed in a handsome dark brown leather case. Saddle flasks can be made from glass, heavy crystal, pewter, or can be silver or silver-plated. Once in the leather holder, they attach to the D rings at the front of the saddle. Their broad strap passes under the saddle flap & attaches to the girth straps.

While port is still upheld as the traditional drink of the hunt, the contents of the fox hunter’s flask, a sanctioned piece of apparel, were sometimes replaced with wine, or whiskey. Whatever it takes to fortify the spirit and keep riders warm during a season that spans from early fall to the last days of winter.The ritual of toasting with port before a fox hunt and stopping for a drink and sandwich mid-hunt dates back to the 17th century and remains an integral part of the modern-day sport.

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