Rickover: Controversy and Genius: A Biography by Norman Polmar and Thomas B. Allen, Signed, 1982

Polmar, Norman, Allen, Thomas B., Rickover: Controversy and Genius: A Biography. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1982. First edition, signed by Rickover, signed and inscribed by authors. Octavo. Original dust jacket with slipcase.

This is an original first edition copy of Norman Polmar and Thomas B. Allen’s book Rickover: Controversy and Genius: A Biography. It was published out of New York by Simon and Schuster in 1982. The book includes a typed letter with original signature by Hyman G. Rickover. The letter and included envelope are addressed to Austin Smith at the Capitol, written on original Atomic Energy Commission letterhead. The letter is dated January 13, 1972 and is boldly signed by Rickover at the bottom. 

This book is also signed by both authors, with an inscription that reads “Inscribed to Pat Lewis- with appreciation of your friendship and continued help and support. Best wishes, Norman Polmar, Thomas B. Allen.” The signatures and inscription appear boldly on a free endpaper. The book is offered in its original dust jacket, accompanied by a blue cloth slipcase.

This is a biography of the “Father of the Nuclear Navy,” Admiral Hyman G. Rickover (1900-1986). Rickover served in the U.S. Navy for over 60 years. Rickover became an engineering pioneer, having served as the director of the U.S. Naval Reactors office where he led the development of naval nuclear operations. Rickover developed the world’s first nuclear-powered engines, as well as the first atomic-powered submarine named the USS Nautilus, which was launched in January of 1954. Rickover went on to develop the first full-scale nuclear power plant for civilian use in the United States between 1956–1957. Rickover was awarded two Congressional Gold Medals and became the longest-serving naval officer in history. 

This complete and in depth biography describes Rickover’s achievements, as well the controversy that surrounded him in his aim for nuclear advancement. While his achievements were impressive and influential, Rickover’s tactics were considered controversial by many due to his outspoken nature and stubbornness. He had an unwavering intention to get the job done regardless of naval bureaucracy or red tape. This biography gives insight into his character, famous work ethic, and the way in which he influenced the Navy. The book was co-authored by Polmar and Allen, two prominent authors of the period who specialized in subject matter covering naval and military history. 


Overall very good condition. Light shelf wear, but otherwise quite clean and free of significant damage. Bold signatures and inscription. Original dust jacket is protected with a mylar sleeve. The book is accompanied by a custom blue slipcase with an image of Rickover on one side. 

Dimensions: 9.5" H x 6 3/8" W x 2 1/4" D (Book); 10" H x 6 5/8" W x 2 3/4" D (Case).


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