Republic of Texas Liberty Half-Dime Sterling Silver Money Clip, Circa 1836

This authentic 1836 Seated Liberty Half-Dime has been mounted by a master silversmith to create a beautiful commemorative Texas statehood silver money clip. Custom designed by The Great Republic, each piece is hand numbered in an edition of 100 total pieces and then mounted onto a Texas star, that is then superimposed onto an outline of the State of Texas. Magnificent!

The History: During the first third of the 19th century, the average American saw few of his country’s gold or silver coins, if any at all. Strangely enough, in relation to the size of the rapidly expanding nation, not many coins were made.

One of the earliest coins of the new republic was the Liberty Half-Dime -- later becoming the Seated Liberty Half-Dime -- an extremely attractive piece of silver.

These money clips are limited to just 100 numbered pieces featuring an authentic 1836 silver half dime, which is beautifully mounted on a sterling silver money clip.

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