Pronouncing Parallel Holy Bible, with 2000 Scripture Illustrations, 1892

Pronouncing Parallel Holy Bible. Philadelphia: National Publishing Company, 1892. 2,000 original illustrations, original leather and 24 carat gold binding.

Presented is a self-pronouncing parallel holy bible from 1892. This bible was published by the National Publishing Company out of Philadelphia and is composed of 2,000 scripture illustrations. The illustrations were produced on both steel and wood; some of which were produced in color. This holy bible contains the King James and revised versions of the New and Old Testaments, arranged in parallel columns. The bible includes a complete Concordance, Embracing Every Passage of Scripture in the Largest Editions, and Dr. Wm. Smith's Standard Bible Dictionary, in which every important scriptural word is fully explained.

The bible features a “self-pronouncing” section in the middle of the book. This section features an explanatory key with vowel and consonant sounds for words that are particularly difficult to pronounce. The bible also features a full dictionary with proper names and the corresponding pronunciations. This features allowed young couples to enhance their religious journey with proper pronunciation and a more complete understanding of what they were reading.

This pronouncing bible was produced as a family bible to be handed down through a family with each successive generation. The family bible was usually used as a marker of each married couple’s journey through life, and the family’s history was commonly recorded in the bible. 

This bible features pages in the back of the book for a family tree, family portraits, and a marriage certificate for the couple. The owners often tucked in other items as well such as various religious certificates, letters, cuttings, and loose photos. Family bibles, often very large and elaborately decorated, first came into popularity during the Victorian era in the United Kingdom. Afterwards, the family bible was seen throughout Europe and the United States, eventually making its way down to Australia and New Zealand and into most households.


This bible is complete with 2,000 illustrations that are well preserved throughout. Large format color prints are very vibrant. This family bible retains its original pages for a marriage license, a family tree, and pages where family portraits could be added. All of these pages are still unused.

The bible has been professionally restored and preserved with re-backing in leather and repairs to some pages. The original covers feature elaborate 24 carat gold tooling and illustrations. The original spine and endpapers have been preserved. Overall it is in very good condition with only light wear.

Dimensions: 12.75" H x 11" W x 5" D.

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