Polo Players Bronze Sculpture, after Frederic Remington

Presented is a dynamic sculpture after Frederic Remington’s Polo Players. The dramatic scene depicts the sportsmen just after a collision while chasing the ball. One player and his horse have fallen to the ground and underneath the hooves of the other players’ horses. This period reproduction bronze was likely done by a follower of Remington shortly after the original was created. It sits atop an oval marble base and has “Copyright Frederic Remington” inscribed along one edge. An energetic scene, this statue is alluring from all angles.

Frederic Remington was mostly known for his paintings and sculptures of the West and the military. As a subject, polo players are highly unusual for the famous artist, however the aspects are very typical of Remington. His sculptures mostly included horses and figures in dynamic positions frozen in a moment of intense drama. The precariously perched horses that almost appear to be flying is a visual effect the artist used often, highlighting the balance of his work. This period reproduction piece after Remington is a compelling piece designed to draw the eye from every angle and showcase its skilled craftsmanship.


Overall very good condition. This work has a beautiful patina that highlights its delicate details. The bronze’s bottom horse is missing it’s reins and the green marble base has one crack. Otherwise, the sculpture has not notable damage.

Dimensions: 20.5” H x 20“ W x 17” D

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