Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant, Deluxe Leather Edition, circa 1885-1886

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First edition of both volumes in extremely desirable rebound publisher’s deluxe bindings. Housed in handcrafted cloth slipcase that features a portrait of the general during the Wilderness Campaign as well as a gilt facsimile of Grant's signature.

These two volumes include 49 maps and illustrations, including two steel-engraved frontis-portraits and two etched views. Also with fold out manuscript facsimile and the dedication from Grant in holograph facsimile.

An important historical memoir of the Civil War, arguably the most important, and the best thing that Grant ever wrote. General Norman Schwartzkopf has called this the finest memoir of war experiences that has ever been penned. Collectible copies of these books are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. Copies in this binding, especially so. The earliest days of the Civil War were a hard lesson in hubris for the Union Army. After the appointment of Grant to overall command of the Union forces, the war would quickly turn to their favour. Probably the most important book on the American Civil War and in many respects a masterpiece of American literature.

The work is genuinely that of the commander. As such, it is valuable in its Scope, its plain and clear analysis and language, and its broad conclusions about the conduct of the war. In the years following the war, Grant would move into the political arena, even against his best judgment and would, with great public acclaim be elected President of United States for two full terms.

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