Pershing's Crusaders Original World War I Poster, Circa 1918

The “Pershing’s Crusaders – Auspices of the United States Government”

Pershing's Crusaders is considered the first official American War picture movie poster -- created to promote a film made by the Committee on Public Information, 1918. The film was ordered by President Wilson to help promote Americas intervention in the Great War.

General John J. Pershing led America's Expeditionary Forces during the war and the poster depicts him marching forward with his soldiers behind him, the American Flag can be seen flying in the wind. Above him is the ghosts of the crusaders, the poster makes the link between the U.S. Army during World War I, and the Holy Crusaders who fought centuries earlier.

Presented using the finest archival materials and procedures.

Framed Size: 25.5" x 17.25"

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