Pair of Vintage Military Wing Panels

These are two original tailplane wing panels from a real Navy aircraft. The function of the tailplane is to provide stability and control. The tailplane helps adjust for changes in position of the center of gravity or center of pressure, caused by changes in speed and attitude, fuel consumption, or dropping cargo or payload.

The olive green tailplane wing panels are painted. One wing is painted with the word "NAVY" in white block letters. The other wing had U.S. Aircraft Star, in red, white, and navy paint. The U.S. Aircraft Star logo, as displayed here, has been in use from 1947 to the present. 


Wing panels are in good condition, considering age and use. Several scratches and small chips to paint on both wing panels. Already fitted with hanging wire in back. Dimensions for each wing: 27"H x 48 1/2" W x 6" D.

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