Personal Memoirs of P.H. Sheridan, Two-Volume First Edition, 1888

First edition of Sheridan’s 2-volume military autobiography, with 27 maps (many folding) and 17 plates.

Presented in a handcrafted cloth slipcase with a portrait of the Union General on the cover.

“Often ranked with Grant and Sherman as the foremost Union commanders” (Mullins & Reed 82), Sheridan completed this work just days before his death in 1888. He recounts three decades of military service including his many decisive Civil War campaigns and his later Indian campaigns, his military governorship of Texas and Louisiana and his tenure as commander-in-chief of the army after Sherman’s retirement. “When the battle waged hottest, Sheridan was at his best—cool, exact, self-possessed, the dashing and brilliant leader of men willing to follow him anywhere” (DAB). Dornbusch II:2400. See Nicholson, 773.

Published in New York: Charles L. Webster, 1888

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