"Over There! / In the Air Service" Vintage WWI U.S. Army Signal Corps Recruitment Poster by Louis Fancher, 1918

Offered is a 1918 WWI recruitment poster by Louis Fancher. This U.S. Army Signal Corps Recruitment Poster features an army serviceman raising one hand and holding a wrench with the other. A silhouette of an airplane flies into the distance with the words, “Over There!” in the top right. Just to the left of the figure, “Skilled Workers” sits above “Pro Patria,” meaning” for one’s country” requesting skilled labor in service of the country’s war effort. In the bottom half of the poster, the text reads, “On the ground behind the lines / In the Air Service” with a list of possible occupations. It indicates that “Skilled Workers Registered in the Draft, or Under 40 Years of Age Can Still Join the Aviation Section, Signal Corps, U.S. Army.”

The Army Signal Corps was a division of the army that managed the communication and information systems for the command and control of the air forces. The Air Force was not a separate entity in the United States until 1947 and was known as the Army Air Forces during WWI. The Signal Corps played an important communications role throughout the First World War. The division was responsible for perfecting radio tubes, developing early radiotelephones, helped pioneer radar, and made great use of the tactical FM radio. Especially for those with career training, the option to join the supporting Signal Corps was a great way to serve in the military and aid America’s war efforts without being sent to the dangerous front lines.

The artist, Louis Fancher, was an American artist and illustrator. In addition to his military recruitment posters, he also illustrated books, designed automobile advertisements, and served in the military intelligence for the U.S. Army. Overall, Fancher’s military Signal Corps posters make up his best-known works.


Overall very good condition. This 1918 paper poster has some wear and minimal creasing near the margins. Otherwise, no major or structural damage to the piece. The poster is housed in a custom built archival frame, non-acidic matting, and UV protective glass. 

Framed Dimensions: 47 3/4" H x 37 1/2" W x 1" D.

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