Early 20th Century "Over the Top" Hand-Painted Patriotic Wool Banner

Presented is a unique WWI memorial wool banner, dating to the early 20th century. This banner features the text "Over the Top" and "The Supreme Sacrifice for Everlasting Peace" above and below the central image. The wool banner commemorates soldiers, with three men in uniform depicted at the foreground of the piece. The solders stand in a field of poppies, with airplanes overhead and flags along the boarder.

This unique wool patriotic banner was produced to honor fallen war heroes. The piece includes the famous saying "over the top," referencing the wartime action of physically going over the top of a trench to engage in battle. The piece also includes a prominent depiction of poppies. The poppy has long been associated with soldiers, specifically symbolic of the UK Remembrance Day. As WWI concluded, the poppy was one of the only plants to grow in the otherwise desolate battlefields. The poppy has thus stood as a symbol of remembrance honoring those that have fallen in battle. 


Overall very good condition. No significant wear is visible besides some surface abrasions at the bottom of the wool banner. Preserved in a custom archival frame, using the highest quality conservation materials.

Framed dimensions: 26" H x 15 1/2" W x 2 1/4" D

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