"Out of Fuel and Safely Home" by Robert Taylor, Autographed by William Lawley, Jim Barker, L.A. Mitchell, D. Litsinger, Lieutenant Colonel Richard T. Headrick, 1995

Presented is a collage with Robert Taylor’s limited edition print of “Out of Fuel and Safely Home” and a true Army Medal of Honor. Numbered 1084 out of only 1250, the print is signed by Robert Taylor and five WWII fighter pilots who flew B-17s: William Lawley, Jim Barker, L.A. Mitchell, D. Litsinger, and Richard T. Headrick. Together with the medal, Taylor’s print is archivally framed in a custom built mat and frame.

The limited edition print is numbered 1084/1250. This edition is printed on archival paper with high quality fade-resistant ink. Taylor’s pencil signature is just below the numbered copy on the bottom left margin. In the same bottom margin, the title of the work is clearly printed with a description below that reads, “A B-17 Fortress of the American 8th Air Force, with two engines out, make a successful forced landing in an English cornfield. After an eight hour mission, with tanks dry, the pilot brings the mighty warbird down safely in the first available field.” Five signatures from WWII pilots also adorn the bottom print margin. These include:

Colonel William Lawley - Awarded the Medal of Honor on February 20, 1944 after a fighter attack. With most of his crew dead of wounded, Lawley, badly injured, somehow got his crew home.

Lieutenant Colonel Jim Barker - Joining the 509th, 34th BG in 1942, he flew 35 combat missions over occupied Europe in the B-17 and participated in the Battle of the Bulge.

First Lieutenant “L.A.” Mitchell - With 401st BG, he flew 29 combat missions in Europe, Flying B-17G “Maggie” his group had the least losses of any with the 8th A.F.

Colonel D. Litsinger - Joining the Air Corps after Pearl Harbor he transferred to Europe in 1943. Flying B-17s - Fireball II and Slowball - he survived 27 often rough combat missions over France and Germany.

Lieutenant Colonel Richard T. Headrick - Joined the R.C.A.F. in 1940, transferring to the Air Corps in 1942 he flew b-17s in over 50 missions out of North Africa before transferring to Italy where he completed over 40 additional missions as lead pilot.

The medal displayed below Taylor’s signed print is an Army Medal of Honor. The distinctive light blue ribbon features 13 stars and supports the medal below. The Roman goddess of wisdom and war, Minerva, is the central figure in the five-pointed star. She is surrounded by the words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and a wreath. The medal is one of the highest military honors a serviceman may receive. One must go above and beyond the call of duty when performing acts against the enemy with irrefutable self-sacrifice. A Ribbon of Honor and an accompanying lapel pin are on either side of the medal. These are typically worn by recipients when not in full dress uniform. Only 38 Army Medals of Honor were awarded to members of the Army Air Corps during World War II.

Robert Taylor is the most widely collected aviation artist. Taylor spent much of his life in Bath, England working as a fine art restorer. He was regarded as one of the most talented restorers in the West of England and worked often on many “old masters.” Taylor was 32 when he became a full time painter for The Military Gallery. The impact of his early restoration career and the old master painters can easily be seen in his popular, dramatic, and inspiring aviation works. In his aviation paintings, the artist conveys the technical details of the machines while still portraying a romantic scene. The planes retain realistic detail with scuffed paint, scratches, and dirt while still glorifying their deeds.


Overall very good condition. The signatures on the print are dark and clearly seen. The print’s colors are vibrant and there are no signs of damage. The Medal of Honor below and ribbon has some light soiling from use and age. Otherwise, there is no loss or damage to the medal. All elements have been framed together according to modern archival standards.

Framed Dimensions: 33” H x 38 ½” W x 2” D

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