Orville Wright Signed Bank Check, 1922

This is an original check, signed ‘'Orville Wright”. An aviation pioneer, Orville Wright piloted the first motor-powered airplane, which he developed with his older brother Wilbur, at Kitty Hawk in 1903. 

The check is for the sum of $150.00, payable to Wells and Wellmeier, a Dayton, Ohio retailer.  The check is drawn on The City National Bank and is dated on March 2, 1922. Wright signs at bottom right in black ink.


Very good condition. Partly-printed check signed "Orville Wright". 1 page, oblong 12mo. Dayton, March 2, 1922, a check from the City National Bank, paying $150.00 to Wells and Wellmeier. Wright signs at bottom right in black ink. Punch cancellation well clear of the signature, with perforations around two edges.

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