"O'er the Ramparts We Watch. United States Army Air Forces" Vintage WWII Poster by Jes Schlaikjer, 1944

Offered is a vintage 1944 United States Army Air Force recruitment poster. Designed by Jes Schlaikjer, the design features an Army Air Force serviceman looking steadfastly towards the distance while some of the most impressive aircraft of the time fly amidst the clouds. With planes such as the B-29 Superfortress, B-17 Flying Fortress, and B-26 Marauder, this poster advertises an impressive array of air power while appealing to one’s sense of civic duty. Quoting the American National Anthem, “O’er the Ramparts We Watch” invokes the idea of patriotism and defense of liberty, while “The United States Army Air Forces” signals where one can prove that patriotism. Below the poster is a bright patch with the symbol of the Army Air Forces, completing the impressive collage.

Jes Schlaikjer was an accomplished artist and illustrator in the United States. He was nationally recognized for his paintings in addition to his magazine illustrations. In 1928, Schlaikjer won the first Altman Prize for the best figure painting. Those same delicate skills can be seen in the realistic and detailed central figure in this poster. Eventually, Schlaikjer was selected to be War Department Artist and not only designed propaganda posters for the military, but also painted portraits of military leaders such as Dwight Eisenhower and Douglas MacArthur.


Overall very good condition. This WWII poster has some minor creasing as expected with its age and use, but otherwise has no notable damage. The colors are vibrant and the work is framed according to archival standards in a custom black and gold frame.

Framed Dimensions: 34 ½” H x 25 ½” W x 1 ½” D

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