"Now All Together" WWII 7th War Loan Poster, 1945

Presented is a framed original WWII poster promoting the 7th War Loan, published in 1945. The poster features marines raising an American flag at Iwo Jima by C.C. Beall. Patriotic and colorful, this poster inspired hope among Americans and enticed them to help fund the final efforts of a war that seemed to be nearing an end. Originally based off of a photo, the illustrated scene depicts six servicemen struggling to hoist a flag pole donned with the U.S. flag into the rubble. In bold block letters, the text reads, “7th War Loan / Now -- All Together.”

This poster was part of the campaign for a 7th War Loan subscription, which took place in May 1945, just days after victory in Europe. Officials were concerned that the defeat of Germany might lessen bond sales. The slogan on the poster, “Now -- all together,” and the Iwo Jima image were meant to appeal to the spirit of collective patriotism and bolster bond sales.

There were at least four uses of this image in the 7th War Loan campaign, including one that pictured a variety of average citizens raising a large number “7” in the same positions as the soldiers in the Beall illustration. As it happened, the 7th War Loan surpassed all expectations, as over $156 billion was raised. The poster and iconic image spurred millions of Americans to buy war bonds to keep the nation on solid financial footing throughout the end stretch of war.

The famously depicted raising of the flag during the battle of Iwo Jima became an inspirational scene for Americans in the final pushes of WWII. Both Americans and Japanese suffered heavy casualties as the U.S. forces invaded the well-protected island. The invasion began February 19, 1945, only seven months before the Japanese would surrender, and didn’t end until March 25th. On the fourth day of fighting, U.S. Marines captured Mount Suribachi and raised a small flag at the summit, which was later replaced with a larger flag. The moment was immortalized by the photographer Joe Rosenthal who inspired others, such as C.C. Beall, to illustrate the moving scene.

C.C. Beall (1892-1967) was a commercial illustrator who drew comics and book covers. Using Rosenthal’s photo for inspiration, the photo depicts five U.S. marines and a Navy soldier raising the American flag over the battle-scarred landscape of the Japanese Island of Iwo Jima. With the flag almost completely raised by the struggling marines, this scene symbolized a victory that was almost achieved but not without a little more effort. The photograph, published in news reports through the States and abroad, triggered a wave of national hope that Japanese forces would soon be defeated, and more importantly, that peace was near. 


Overall good condition. Published in 1945, the poster has six small chips in the margins but chips do not affect the illustration. A horizontal crease is present from where the poster was folded and it has some overall surface-wear. None of the damage significantly detracts from the visual impression of the work. This poster is framed according to archival standards with UV protective glass and acid-free matting.

Framed Dimensions: 19"H x 15" W x 2" D

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