"Northrop P61-B Black Widows" by Jack Fellows, Original Oil Painting on Masonite

Presented is an original oil painting on Masonite (panel) titled Northrop P61-B Black Widows. The artist, Jack Fellows, signed the painting along the bottom. This painting was published on the Republic of the Marshall Islands 33 cent stamp issued on February 10, 2000. Presented is a sleek silver-gray archival frame, this painting depicts a P-61 warplane in action. The plane flies away unscathed after taking down its enemy plane in the background. 

The P-61 fighter planes were developed during WWII and solved a major problem for the U.S. air battles. The P-61 was the first U.S. plane built to incorporate radar and could detect enemy planes at night when visibility was compromised. Before radar, many bombing missions were done under the cover of night so the bombers couldn’t be shot down during their raid. With new planes such as the P-61, suddenly missions could be completed and cities defended using the new and revolutionary radar technology. The impressive machine typically had four forward firing cannons and an additional four dorsal turret machine guns to defend herself and attack the enemy aircrafts. In June 1944, the P-61 reached the Pacific Theater where it would prove crucial and often decisive in battles. 

Jack Fellows, the artist, was born in 1941. Throughout his career as a commercial and fine arts painter, he has always had an interest in air warfare, specifically WWII’s lively Pacific Theater. He is most known for his historical air combat paintings, but also works with figurative, landscape, and maritime subjects. Fellows has won several awards for his work and has featured in exhibitions such as the 2004 Peppertree Ranch Art Show in California. 


Overall very good condition. The painting is vibrant and intact. Signed at the bottom by the artist. Framed according to archival standards.

Framed Dimensions: 12 1/2"H x 19"W x 1"D

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