Navy 5-Star Admirals Collage, with Signatures of Nimitz, Halsey, King, and Leahy

This amazing piece of U.S. Naval history features signed items from the only four World War II Navy Admirals to ever wear the five-star rank: Chester Nimitz, William Halsey, Ernest King, and William Leahy. All are considered some of the finest admirals in the history of the Navy. Both Chester Nimitz and William Halsey were instrumental in turning around the fortunes of the United States after the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.

Chester Nimitz (1885-1966) was an American admiral, Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet during World War II, and largely responsible for the successful "island-hopping" campaign against the Japanese. The collage includes a Nimitz signed slip of paper with rank as well as a war dated (July 16, 1942) letter from the Admiral's Flag Secretary, regarding the autograph.

William F Halsey (1882-1959) was an American admiral who led the task force attack on the Marshall and Gilbert islands and became commander of Allied naval forces in South Pacific commanding at the Solomon Islands and Leyte Gulf. Featured in the collage is a signed "W. F. Halsey" card.

Ernest J. King (1878-1956) was Commander in Chief, United States Fleet and Chief of Naval Operations. During World War II he directed the United States Navy's operations, planning, and administration and was a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Included in the collage is a war dated (December 19, 1943) letter signed with rank by Admiral King.

William D. Leahy (1875-1959) was an American naval officer who served as the senior-most United States military officer on active duty during World War II. He held multiple titles and was at the center of all the major military decisions the United States made during the war. Featured in the collage is the admiral's business card as Ambassador of the United States -- signed in full.

Also included in this amazing U.S. Navy collage is photographs of each admiral as well as the five-star rank that each would have worn.


Overall very good condition. All signatures are in dark ink and clearly legible. The letter signed by Nimitz has fold lines, one light stain, and the edges have been cut but no text is affected. The letter signed by King has fold lines and the paper is healthy. Halsey's signature card is clean and bright. Leahy's card is lightly soiled and has "1946" written in another ink. The collage is presented using the finest archival materials and procedures. Framed dimensions: 37.5" H x 41" W x 2" D. 

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