Monticello Tile Trivet, Historical Staffordshire Imported for Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation by Jonroth

Presented is an historical Staffordshire trivet made specially for the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation. The creamware transfer print trivet features Monticello, the famous home of Mr. Jefferson in historical blue and white coloring. Surrounded by a charming decorative border, the recognizable home with its octagonal room sits at the center of the image. At the bottom of the scene, this early version of the trivet features the words, “Monticello Home of Thomas Jefferson.” The reverse provides a four-paragraph description of Monticello just above the clearly visible Staffordshire and Jonroth mark.

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation was formed in 1923 in order to educate and preserve the memory and deeds of Jefferson. The group purchased the former president’s home that same year to restore the property and open it up to the public. It was for this foundation that the famous pottery maker Jonroth in Staffordshire made this trivet. In England, Staffordshire invented “creamware” in the 1750s in order to compete with soft-glaze and Chinese porcelain. Creamware was an instant success and spread across the Western world. After excavations, a significant amount of transfer print creamware such as this was found on Mr. Jefferson’s plantation. A popular style since the mid-18th century, this decorative work is still a beautiful piece today.


Overall fine condition. The transfer print creamware trivet has some hairline cracks throughout from age but do not affect the structural integrity of the piece. Blue padding is adhered to the reverse to protect it from scratches. No additional damage is apparent.

Dimensions: 6” Diameter, 0.25” Depth

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