Model Bell X1 Rocket Plane Signed by Chuck Yeager

This is a model Bell X-1 rocket plane signed by General Charles Elwood Yeager on the proper right wing. The brightly colored model is set on a sleek black stand with a plaque describing the historic research plane. 

Known most famously as the first man to break the sound barrier in his Bell X-1 rocket plane, Yeager began his career during WWII with the Army Air Force. He made “ace in a day” after shooting down five enemy planes in a single mission, a coveted title amongst combat pilots. After his service in the war, Yeager qualified as a test pilot and began the trajectory that would launch him into lasting fame. 

Nicknamed “Glamorous Glennis” after Yeager’s beloved wife, the Bell X-1 was built solely for research purposes and provided the Air Force with information that still proves invaluable to studies of supersonic flight. Yeager and his plane broke the sound barrier for the first time on October 4, 1947 reaching a speed of 700 miles per hour. “Glamorous Glennis” was purposefully built for this one task with its rocket engine and shape mimicking a 0.50 caliber machine gun bullet known for stability in supersonic flight. Painted a bright color so it could be seen while mid-flight, the plane has an attractive and sleek appearance with a distinguished purpose. This model serves as a reminder of not just the man who first broke the sound barrier, but the plane that would provide as a basis for all future attempts to reach seemingly insurmountable speeds.


Overall very good condition. Yeager’s signature is clearly legible in black permanent marker. The bright orange model plane has one chip just above the proper right wing but otherwise no notable damage.

Dimensions: 10” H x 14” W x 11” D (with stand)

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