Mars Pro

Explore the "Red Planet" with the Mars Pro, the ultimate 3D Mars model. Hold it in your hand and you can feel the actual landscape of the Martian surface, then use the Augmented Reality features to discover more than 100 surface landmarks and landing sites.

Each Mars Pro is meticulously crafted. The Mars Pro is the first entirely 3D printed Pro model from AstroReality made of VisiJet PXL. The highly accurate topography of the Mars Pro is acquired from the NASA’s MOLA elevation maps of Mars. The surface data is reproduced with high-resolution, full-color, 3D printing technology with a scale of 1:56,491,666. 

Enhance your experience with the Mars Pro's comprehensive and digitally interactive Augmented Reality technology, featuring Valles Marineris - one of the longest canyons that runs along the Martian Surface, as well as Central Peak, Martian landing sites, and more.

The Mars Pro puts the planet at your fingertips. Now you can learn about the mountains, volcanoes and canyons that make this planet so familiar. Mars is more than a neighbor, it is our future.

Mars Pro Specs:

  • Scale: 1:56,491,666
  • Weight: 2.54lbs
  • Diameter: 4.72in


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