1861 Map of the Southern States of North America by James Wyld

1861 Hand-Colored Map of the Southern States of North America with the Forts, Harbours & Military Positions by James Wyld.

This important map indicates the dividing line between the Union and Confederate states. The map covers the area from Long Island in the northeast to eastern Texas and Indian Territory in the southwest. Kansas Territory is shown in the northwest, despite Kansas achieving statehood in January of 1861. Military bounty lands are noted in Missouri. There is good detail of completed railroads and canals, and the map locates numerous towns and forts including Fort Gibson, Scott and Towsen.  Wyld's map was widely used in Britain to demonstrate the conflict in America.  The map is dissected into 24 sections and backed with linen.

Unframed Size: 26.5"x 39"

Framed dimensions: 34 3/4" H x 48 1/4" W x 1 3/4" D

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