1795 Plan of the City of Washington in the Territory of Columbia by William Winterbotham

This is William Winterbotham's 1795 Plan (Map) of the City of Washington in the Territory of Columbia that was published in London as part of the 4 volume opus on the United States and the Americas entitled "An Historical, Geographical, Commercial, and Philosophical View of the American United States, and of the European Settlements in America and the West Indies".

The map is based on the 1792 plan originally published by Andrew Ellicott, a miller and surveyor living in Maryland. George Washington commissioned a survey of the city from Ellicott in 1791, and the following year asked him to complete the city plan originated by Pierre Charles L’Enfant, to which Ellicott made some modifications. In 1795, the first of two versions of this map were published — first in the UK by the Englishman William Winterbotham as part of his 4-volume set (which this map has been taken) and next in 1796 by a New York bookseller named John Reid.  Reid’s United States published edition was accompanied by a more substantial ‘American Atlas’ containing twenty maps and in some rare cases an unlisted 21st map for the Plan of the City of Washington.

The plan shows the layout of streets and avenues, bordered by the “Potomack” (Potomac) River and the Eastern Branch. Georgetown is separately labeled, northwest of Rock Creek. Reedy Branch and Tiber Creek are shown to the north. Maryland and Virginia are indicated but not shown in any detail. Each block is numbered, and the footprints (planned location and form) of a few major buildings including the “Capitol” and the “Presidents House” are labeled. The proposed landscape design for the Mall is indicated in more detail. The direction of the currents in the major rivers are indicated with arrows, the soundings in various locations are indicated by numbers, and a text titled “Remarks” in the upper left discusses the elevation of various locations in relation to the tide of Tiber Creek and how water might could be provided to the city. Contours of docks and slips are shown along the rivers. The map is illustrated with a cartouche showing two winged female figures flanking a shield and book on the left and an eight-pointed compass indicator surmounted by a fleur de lis, upper right.  It includes a distance scale lower right and a distance “Scale of Poles” lower left.

Framed Size: 24" H x 28.25" W x 1.5" D

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