Quarterback Football Bronze by L. Lumetta, 20th Century

This is a striking bronze statue of a football quarterback. The quarterback figure appears to be dropping back and looking downfield in the hope of completing a forward pass. The bronze was designed in the 20th century by American sculptor and painter L. Lumetta. Lumetta has designed multiple football bronze statues, which often portray a pivotal moment during a game. This statue depicts a quarterback just before he makes a pass. The figure's stance is noticeably precarious, as the figure leans back significantly on one leg, turning his body to wind up for a significant throw. This stance encourages the viewer to take in the scene from all angles.

The bronze statue sits sturdily on a dark wooden base, formed around the base of the bronze.


Good condition, with nice green patina. Bronze is signed at bottom of the bronze by artist: "L. Lumetta". Mounted to wood-conforming base. Base has felted bottom. 

Dimensions: 14" H x 9"W x 9"D.

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