J.W. Young Trolling Reel, Early 20th Century

Presented is a vintage J.W. Young trolling reel, from the early 20th century. This reel is specifically designed for trolling. In trolling, the angler drags lines with hook-rigged lures behind a boat in order to entice fish. Anglers can have any number of lines in the water, but the principle is the same – by dragging the line, anglers are hoping to trick the fish into thinking that the bait is moving prey. A trolling fishing reel allows anglers to fish at various depths and in a larger area quickly.

James William Young was born in Redditch in 1870 as the son of a fishing reel maker. He was a natural innovator whose flare for design is believed to have been instrumental in the early development of the Aerial reel. Young worked as an apprentice at S. Allcock & Co. in Redditch, England. Eventually he left to start his own company of J.W. Young. Two of his sons, Howard and James Robert, joined him after leaving school and together they built up the business, producing several different models of reels for themselves and other companies, including the famous Allcock Aerials.


Vintage fishing reel. Mixed construction. Overall, in good condition, considering age and past use. Scratches to reel body.

Dimensions: 1 1/4" H x 6 1/4" W x 6" D.

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