Jimmy Stewart Collage

This rustic collage features the famed Jimmy Stewart’s signature as well as a photo of the actor starring in Winchester ‘73. Signed on 7/20/1939, the signature card reads “To Mae - Jimmy Stewart,” in his unique handwriting. Stewart was a famous American actor known best for his portrayals of modest and morally sound characters. He was beloved in Hollywood for his roles in It’s a Wonderful Life, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Anatomy of a Murder, and The Philadelphia Story throughout his career. As WWII approached, Stewart enlisted in the Army Air Corps and rose to the rank of Colonel by the end of the conflict. The Hollywood star won several medals throughout his service including the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Croix de Guerre. Once he returned to acting, Stewart’s acting took on a more serious tone. With his more rugged characters, Stewart proved himself capable of portraying the western cowboy persona, leading to roles such as Lin in Winchester ‘73. He is still considered one of the best American actors of the 1950s and his movies are forever remembered as classics.


Overall very good condition. Jimmy Stewart’s signature is clear and dark. The signature card has no notable damage. The black and white reproduction photograph is like new. All elements are framed together in a rustic custom built frame according to the highest archival standards.

Framed dimensions: 30.5"H x 19"W x 1.5"D 

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