"How Do You Like 'Em, Mister Hitler?" Alcoa Aluminum WWII Poster, Circa 1942

This is an original World War II Alcoa Aluminum poster, depicting American B-24 Bombers flying in massive, epic formation. A blue bar extends at upper right that poses the question, “How do you like ‘em, Mr. Hitler?”

The poster was published by the Alcoa Aluminum Company, as both a propaganda poster during the War, as well as an advertisement for their company. The text boasts of a small company doing their part to support the War effort: “You never figured, did you, Mister Hitler and Mister Yamamoto, that just this one outfit, sixty thousand Americans with an awful lot of know-how, would be able to push out so much metal to make so many planes so soon? And the thousands are on their way to becoming ten thousands”. The poster is signed “the men and women of ALCOA ALUMINUM.”

This poster was printed in 1942, as a color offset lithograph, which means the colors are all original to the poster and were not added later. The advertisement also appeared in Life Magazine and in the Saturday Evening Post, scaled down to the magazines’ size.


The poster is in excellent condition. It has been backed on linen. Color is bright and not faded. Paper is healthy. Sheet size is 32" x 24 5/8".

The poster has been archivally framed in a custom-built black and gold wooden frame.

Framed dimensions: 36” H x 28” W x 1.5” D.

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